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I really want to start updating this again. I know I say that alllllll the time but I get so busy and it gets pushed to the side and I really miss writing. Maybe it'll be easier to update since I can do it from my iPhone now.

One day in late July or August I woke up and realized I wasn't doing what I really wanted to do. I've been baking my whole life and I feel the happiest when I'm making a recipe that I know will make my friends and family feel good. This was always just a hobby for me and people always said I could never make a living of it because it isn't very lucrative. So, nursing was my choice until I made lemon cupcakes for a picnic I went to and a pastry chef from a well known hotel in my area fell in love with them and told me he'd give me a job if I went to pastry school. Now, I don't exactly want to work there but the thought of doing that as a living was such an amazing thought, I couldn't get it out of my head. 2 days later I was driving to my new school for a tour, and I started the pastry arts program 2 weeks later. In about a year from now, I'll be a pastry chef. I LOVE it. Best decision I have ever made, by far.

In May, I leave school for my externship ANYWHERE in the country. But, since Bill and I have been planning to move to the beach, I think I'll do my externship there and scope out other places to work at permantley, and do some house hunting. I'm not sure if Bill will be coming with me when I go in May or if he's gonna wait until we find a house. I'll be lonely in an apartment so far from home by myself, but I honestly can't wait.

I think people have it all wrong. People are constantly in search of money, when they should be on the pursuit of happiness. Sure, money is important. But people spend their whole lives at jobs they hate because they make good money. I'd rather spend my whole life at a job I love and everything else will fall into place. Eveyone wants to be ridiculously rich, I've always just wanted to be comfortable and happy. I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck anymore and I want to be able to give my kids things I never had, that's it. I don't need 5 outrageously priced cars and a huge house. Just a house with a nice kitchen to bake in!

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