Angelina (helloxseduction) wrote,

Do you ever have so much to say and no idea how to say it? That's where I'm at now. So, until it starts pouring from my thoughts into my finger tips, I'll keep it to myself.

I am so ready for the first weekend of March. I'm going to see Danni and I need it now more than ever. Years ago, when Danni or myself were upset, we would go to each others' houses and eat a ton of junk food, drink beer and cry or laugh. I miss it so much. Some days when I'm having an awful day or when I know she's having an awful day, I just want to drive to her house and hang out because I know it'll make both of us feel better, and I can't because she doesn't live down the street from me anymore. Danielle George, I love you with my entire heart and I cannot wait to see you in 21 days.

Today, I had McDonalds with Alecia and Amelia (I love fast food). Alecia had to get her hair done so I babysat Amelia and it was so fun! All day long Millhouse kept saying, "MY TOOTH IS LOOSE!" and tonight when I was home, Alecia texted me and told me it had fallen out. Where does time go?

Off to watch Kitchen Nightmares! Gordan Ramsey is fantastic.
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